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Pandora Peoples by Sara MacfarlanePandora Peoples, is radio host of "Healing Wisdom" Thursday mornings at 9am EDT 92.1 WOMR-FM Provincetown and WFMR-FM Orleans. Archives are available at http://womr.org

Healing Wisdom explores mind-body-soul connections, the healing effects of the arts, 
metaphysical concepts, intuition and the spiritual aspects of every day living.

Pandora Peoples is a Cape Cod psychic medium, Chartered Herbalist, speaker, workshop teacher and owner of Pandora’s Garden, offering psychic readings, organic teas, herbal consultations, gifts and goddess photography on Cape Cod. Pandora received her Chartered Herbalist diploma from Dominion Herbal College, the oldest herbal school in North America.

Pandora is a contributing writer to Spiritual Pregnancy (Tassone & Landherr, Llewellyn 2013) where she discusses connecting with your baby in the womb.

Pandora is the creator of the Cape Cod Goddess Festival, and was lauded as a visionary by Cape Cod Today. In May 2013, Pandora was the co-creator of Sacred Shapes: The Geometry of Women art show and workshop series. In December of 2012, Pandora organized and co--curated,The Presents of Angels, a holiday art show and program director of a holiday performance series at the Hyannis Harbor Arts Center’s Guyer Barn, in Hyannis Massachusetts. Pandora’s angel and goddess photographs are exhibited at the show along with limestone sculpture, stonework and paintings of Arnold Geissbuhler, Harry Holl, Edith Vonnegut, Susan Breen, Sarah Holl, Joanne Licardo, Michelle Noiset, Cindy Sauers, Richard Williams, Tina Holl, and Carol Covill. A Christmas Gift Boutique is open Thursday-Saturday noon to four.

Pandora has a unique perspective as a gifted clairvoyant medium, nutritional counselor, and intuitive healer, helping clients to restore health for the last decade by designing mind-body-soul protocols. She counsels clients in nutrition, exercise, visualizations, meditations, rites of passage, creating ceremonies, practical rituals, as well as techniques that draw from folkloric medicine and global spiritual traditions.

In 2012, Pandora created and organized a summer festival, The online catalogs for sellers of viagra and cialis in usa Cape Cod Goddess Festival, featuring 22 dance and music performances, 17 holistic and artistic workshops, vendors and an art show, which caught the attention of local media including seven main newspapers, which interviewed Pandora to promote the event. The Festival will be back 2014, where it will join up again with the Harwich Junior Theatre and Cape Radio station WOMR. Pandora was also the guest of two podcast shows, Women Sessions discussing metaphysical motherhood as well as Charmed in New England discussing mind-body-soul health. Pandora has been on WOMR-FM and WFMR-FM, discussing women's health and alternative medicine with Dr. Paula Sperry on Talking Back and on two episodes of Poets' Corner with Joe Gouveia.

Pandora has developed her own line of herbal products named after ancient female folkloric heroines from traditions around the world. Pandora is from a family of indigenous plants experts, herbalists, Reiki practitioners, and naturopaths.  She has been practicing herbalism for eleven years including her training, and has been practicing chakra healing and channeled healing sessions for eight years.


Pandora Peoples is a certified Chartered Herbalist, holding a diploma from Dominion Herbal College. She has studied herbalism and Native American spiritual healing with Chumash shaman Cecilia Garcia. She learned ritual art-making, dance and spiritual practices from Haitian Voodoo expert Cleopatra Egypt. She has studied the sacred Goddess art of tribal fusion belly dancing. Pandora credits her early interest in shamanism to time spent with Stacey Wild Crane, Cahuilla Indian elder. Pandora has attended herbal workshops of Eliot Cowan, a protégé of Don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, an eminent Huichol shaman of the Mexican Sierras and teacher Maria Teresa Valenzuela, a Mexican-Peruvian shaman. Pandora’s shamanic work includes contacting her clients’ guardian angels, ancestral spirits, spirit guides, power animals, and plant spirit medicine for their transformational healing. Pandora is also an ordained reverend with the Universal Church of Life. 

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