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1) Anti-viral Tea or Tinctures -

Olive leaf extract or olive leaf tea is the most effective anti-viral herb I am familiar with, unlike many herbs it doesn't seem to lose its efficacy quickly, and does not need to be alternated to remain effective. If you can't procure olive leaves, make a tea from lemon verbena leaves, yerba santa leaves, ginger root, peppermint leaves, mullein leaves, elecampane root, or turmeric and honey.




2) Chew raw garlic -

Mix it with olive oil and dip it bread if need be.


3)  Foot soak -

Soak your feet in a combination of clay and salt in warm water. Rinse your feet. If you have lavender oil or tea tree oil, rub your feet afterwards with these oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or almond oil. This will draw out the virus.


4) Pulling -

swish organic sesame seed or olive oil around in your mouth to draw out the virus


5) Sinus Massage -

Massage around the bridge of your nose and the third eye area between your eyebrows, as well as your jaw by your ears with tea tree oil mixed with a carrier Viagra Online oil to drain sinuses and lymph nodes.


6) Garlic Socks -

An old folkloric remedy that truly works every time. Chop up a half a garlic bulb, or at least several cloves of garlic in a small bowl. Put them in olive oil. Rub your feet for ten minutes with the anti-viral oil. Place first some dispensable socks on top of your oily feet, throw some garlic pieces in there. Put a pair of red socks on top of the first pair. Wear them several hours. Repeat once. You may wear them to bed. This remedy works the same way Chinese acupressure and reflexology work, each pair of the foot in connected to various organs of the body. The antiviral medicine goes into the bloodstream, carrying the healing properties to each part of the body.


7) Jade Screen -

Get some of these magical herbal tablets online or from a Chinese Apothecary. They protect against wind cold/wind evil. Very effective!



8) Sweat it Out! -

Drink diaphoretic tea to help induce sweating and draw-out the virus! Drink any combination of ginger, cayenne pepper, chrysanthemum, chamomile, elder flowers, peppermint, coriander seeds, and meadowsweet flowers. Sweeten with maple syrup or honey.

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