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The parathyroid glands are pea-sized glands situated to the sides of and behind the thyroid.

These glands help to distribute calcium to the cells of the body and help to build strong bones in concert with the pituitary gland. Its function benefits from the use of kelp and dulce alongside a tea of Rosa canina and Matricaria chamomilla.

Calcium is an essential element in composition of the digestive juices. Even a slight malfunction of the parathyroid glands may lead to significant insufficiency of the digestive system. Poor calcium assimilation can lead to wasting diseases such as osteoporosis and other common rheumatic ailments. It is interesting to note a person with adequate calcium in his or her cells does not develop such diseases. It isn't merely a folly of old age that such extreme bone loss occurs. Bones do tend to lose their mineral deposits in old age, becoming more porous. Vitamin D deficiency and lack of exercise to properly assimilate calcium is necessary, as are healthy parathyroid glands. My health message of the day is: be good to your glands, all of them.

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