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Wednesdays September 11th through October 16th

Oasis Wednesdays at 7pm at the Masjah Center's Om Studio, Masjah owner Tracey Crowell and myself will be guiding a meditation class. Find peace. Breathe. Recharge. Bliss out. Get Clarity to-go. Find your 'Serenity Space'. We will employ ancient mantras, mudras, and breathing techniques to keep you in centered and moving toward your goals. Weekly handouts will provide de-stress exercises. This is a progressive 6 week volume pills discount class, that will culminate October 16th. Find your Midweek Wednesday Oasis to keep you calm, peaceful and moving forward with optimism and feel good vibes.

Tracey Crowell is a fitness, yoga, and dance teacher, massage therapist and energy healer.

Pandora Peoples (that's me) is a certified Chartered Herbalist, nutritional & spiritual counselor, psychic medium and sound healer. Owner of Pandora's Garden, providing organic teas, Goddess cards, misters and magical readings to Cape Cod and beyond.

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