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This lovely electrolyte drink helps maintain your acid-base balance. A hydrating and energizing Late Spring libation. Today I dug three more deep corrugations in my herbal garden by ten AM, and this delightful beverage helped me recuperate and get back to my studies.

Raspberry Leaf-Spearmint Lemonade

Two *organic lemons
Two *organic limes
4 springs of spearmint
a whole mess of raspberry leaves
tablespoon local honey
heaping tablespoon stevia powder

*It is very important to use organic, because the nature of these astringent citrus is that if they are carrying pesticides, you will be getting a very potent dose by an agent with a strong direct purative action. These citrus fruits are marvelous at helping your body to eliminate waste in the form of layers of morbid matter in your intestines and mucous membranes, allowing proper function of the digestive and respiratory systems. Digestion is so important as it effects the quality of the blood and its movement, allowing the blood to bring nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, chemical messages (hormones) and metabolic waste to and from their proper Online Casino tissue systems through a labyrinth of blood vessels. Without effective elimination of waste within the cells, through the lymphatic system, spleen, etc., we quickly become out of balance. When the blood is impure and the digestion is shoddy, build of lipids and fats in the arteries and around the organs happens. So much so that it is not uncommon for people to have the manual removal of debris, and the extraction of organs. The tonsils and the spleen and pancreas are useful organs to have, and not toss like yesterday's salad. Employing the use astringent foods like lemon helps the breakdown of toxic waste within the systems of the body. Bile-stimulating cholagogue herbs like gentian helps the liver to produce and the gallbladder to concentrate bile for the purpose of the digestion of fats, something most people need.

It's actually best to drink beverages slightly warm, especially cleansing agents like lemonade. It will help induce sweating which is actually best on a hot day, in terms of cooling down your body and improving your immune system.






1) Anti-viral Tea or Tinctures -

Olive leaf extract or olive leaf tea is the most effective anti-viral herb I am familiar with, unlike many herbs it doesn't seem to lose its efficacy quickly, and does not need to be alternated to remain effective. If you can't procure olive leaves, make a tea from lemon verbena leaves, yerba santa leaves, ginger root, peppermint leaves, mullein leaves, elecampane root, or turmeric and honey.




2) Chew raw garlic -

Mix it with olive oil and dip it bread if need be.


3)  Foot soak -

Soak your feet in a combination of clay and salt in warm water. Rinse your feet. If you have lavender oil or tea tree oil, rub your feet afterwards with these oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or almond oil. This will draw out the virus.


4) Pulling -

swish organic sesame seed or olive oil around in your mouth to draw out the virus


5) Sinus Massage -

Massage around the bridge of your nose and the third eye area between your eyebrows, as well as your jaw by your ears with tea tree oil mixed with a carrier Viagra Online oil to drain sinuses and lymph nodes.


6) Garlic Socks -

An old folkloric remedy that truly works every time. Chop up a half a garlic bulb, or at least several cloves of garlic in a small bowl. Put them in olive oil. Rub your feet for ten minutes with the anti-viral oil. Place first some dispensable socks on top of your oily feet, throw some garlic pieces in there. Put a pair of red socks on top of the first pair. Wear them several hours. Repeat once. You may wear them to bed. This remedy works the same way Chinese acupressure and reflexology work, each pair of the foot in connected to various organs of the body. The antiviral medicine goes into the bloodstream, carrying the healing properties to each part of the body.


7) Jade Screen -

Get some of these magical herbal tablets online or from a Chinese Apothecary. They protect against wind cold/wind evil. Very effective!



8) Sweat it Out! -

Drink diaphoretic tea to help induce sweating and draw-out the virus! Drink any combination of ginger, cayenne pepper, chrysanthemum, chamomile, elder flowers, peppermint, coriander seeds, and meadowsweet flowers. Sweeten with maple syrup or honey.


“Artists in Their Studios Create the Perfect Christmas Gifts:”
By Pandora Peoples


Cindy Sauers is a multifaceted artist and owner of Saturday Farm and Island Cottage, vacation rentals in Cape Cod and St. John’s. Like a crystal or a precious stone, Sauers has a light, healing energy that touches your spirit. Her wit and whimsy is conveyed in her work, from her paintings to her murals.  Hidden fairies are part of the motif of Island Cottage, whereas The Baa Boys, two adorable sheep are the animal hosts of Saturday Farm, “I think families pick Saturday Farm as a place that will calm them and make them feel balance again.”


Sauers’ love of art began at an early age, “I started with drawing. Lying in bed as a kid, I would dream about changing the color of my room.” She gravitated towards muses early on, “Once I started reading, I began reading autobiographies of artists. I would look for them in the library.” She contemplates, “I bet there are a lot of people out there that could be artists if they are just encouraged.” Art is so much a part of her life that she sees it as a natural form of expression all people can access. “I look at an artist as someone who is creative with all aspects of life. It could be creating a day, an environment, or using your creativity to work your way out of a problem, or turning a negative experience into a positive experience.”


Sauers is always fresh, working in many mediums as her inspiration takes hold. “I might feel like creating a painting, a drawing, a mosaic, block prints or creating a sculpture, or changing the landscape of the garden.” She likes to create every day, “I’ve learned that I can promote my creativity with music or routine…If I play a certain kind of music and have a certain cup of tea, I’ll be creative ten nights in a row…So, I set the stage and then it happens.”


You can find Cindy Sauers’ paintings in “The Presents of Angels” a holiday art show and performance series running at the Hyannis Harbor Arts Center at the Guyer Barn, Dec. 1-Jan. 5, as well as her artful gifts at their Christmas Gift Boutique. You can discover more about Sauers at her blog, http://itsa-world.blogspot.com.



Kimberly Medeiros creates cereal bowls that will have you singing to your oatmeal every morning. Her brilliant functional art embodies her love for life. Each stoneware piece is unique and draws you in with its beauty and character. After spending time with her and her clay cups, platters, and wine goblets, it is plain to see that her colorful designs, drawings, and patterns, are reflective of her joyful spirit. Her works are as contagious as her smile, each draws you in with a story.


Medeiros is inspired by everything from the paintings of Gustav Klimt to the imagery she discovered in India back in 2006, when took a trip with The Emancipation Network, an organization that provides trafficked girls with education, rehabilitation and job training. A percentage of the sales from her series, “Pots with a Purpose” goes to the organization.  “My concept was people as vessels, vessels as vehicles, pots with a purpose.”  As a teacher, Medeiros is enthusiastic that her pottery series can illuminate social justice issues.



Medeiros describes what it was like growing up in a family of ceramicists and painters, “My mother is big into color, I grew up part time in Florida. We always had a colorful life. [She was always] singing opera in the kitchen, with classical music in the other room, while the hgh tablets kids were on the floor doing crafts.”  She goes on to say, “We were always encouraged to pursue it, instead of veging out in front of the TV…If kids are given the tools they will use them.”  Of her artistic drive she explains, “I am happiest when I am at my wheel blaring my music and singing loudly.”


One of Medeiros’ favorite commissioned works was for best-selling author Dan Brown, because she got to “dive into his books, pull out his imagery, and personalize it”. The work is now in his foyer. She waxes poetic about the holidays, “I love the sense of community, people coming together and celebrating with family and friends. It’s about peace, joy and love.” And gorgeous pottery! You can find her work at the Christmas Gift Boutique at the Guyer Barn 250 South Street, Hyannis, MA, Dec. 1-Jan. 5, or online at the barnpottery.com





At a defining moment in high school, one of Shannon MacDonald’s teachers put her on a course of artistic study, indicating to her parents that she had a gift for pottery and design. After studying visual art at University, MacDonald got a job surrounded by beautiful fine art, but she “had to put on white gloves to touch it”. At that point, she realized that she wanted to create functional art she could explore with her hands. “I was always drawn to jewelry. I remember getting one of those mini looms.” She still has the pieces she made in those fateful early years. “I just love to accessorize. I love big statement necklaces. I didn’t see anything that fit my aesthetic. So, that’s when I started making the jewelry I love to wear.”


MacDonald describes her creative process as part of her daily life. She regularly dreams up new creations by sketching her ideas. Putting them to paper, helps her ideas seem tangible. “The act of putting it down and cementing it is really important to me,” she explains. To other artists she recommends keeping a collection of sketchbooks, “you see your process through the books. It’s wonderful to look at. It can re-inspire you to try something else, now that you’re further along in your work.”


Of the holiday season MacDonald enthuses, “I really enjoy the time with family…I make gifts for people that really match them. I really enjoy giving them.” She praises her mother for her talent at shopping for unique gifts that match the recipients. “It makes me happy that she truly thought of me when she bought it.” Giving hand-made gifts are a way people can give a “piece to remember through the years”. One commissioned collage made her customer, “So inspired that it made her cry, knowing that someone put so much thought into a piece made her happy.” She beams, “[I] really incorporated her into it.” The piece now hangs in the master bedroom.


Her jewelry line Ellie Joy, is named after her grandmother, who inspired her to be an artist. “She said, ‘Be brave, do what you want to do.’ She offers lovely unique painted wood jewelry she aptly calls “yoga jewelry” as well as glittery pieces that are perfect for the holidays. ” You can find MacDonald’s work at elliejoystore.etsy.com, Jewelry Inspirations in Dennis, and at the Christmas Gift Boutique at the Guyer Barn at 250 South Street, Hyannis, MA.



Pandora Peoples, is a writer, herbalist and psychic medium in Dennis, MA. She is a contributing writer to Spiritual Pregnancy (Llewellyn 2013). She is a wife, mother and nutritional counselor. Her show Cape Codified runs on local community TV Channel 99. You can contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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