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Angel Therapy


The realm of angels is around us all of the time providing us with energetic support, healing light, love and light. The angels help assist us in finding our strength, our wisdom and connecting us to our soul's purpose. Peoples' expertly communicates with the angelic realm on behalf of her clients, in ways that help her clients to feel more deeply connected with their helpers and guides.



There is an abundant tradition of communicating with the angelic realm which is documented in all world religions, often in the form of archangels, seraphim, and cherubs. In many indigenous belief systems, spirit guides, or ancestors who have walked the earth, become spirit helpers to guide by whispers and gentle hands, teaching and helping us process life lessons. Peoples' expertly translates these messages from Spirit, providing details from departed loved ones, spirit guides guardian angels and archangels.



An hour angel reading begins when you give Peoples' your 4 questions. She conducts a number of channeled sessions to answer your questions before your appointment. When you have your consultation, she provides you with answers to your questions based on the messages she received from your Angel guides. During the reading Peoples' receives insights into the meaning of the channeled material. During an in-person reading, clients' are provided organic tea and enjoy aromatherapy.





Angel Reading Package $149.00 

1 1/2 reading and 10 days supply of personalized organic healing tea.

Angel readings are conducted in person or over the phone. In person readings consist of smudging, aromatherapy, and healing herbal tea. Healing may involve sound healing or the placement of healing stones. Peoples employs traditional remote healing work as well as channeled sessions prior to your reading. So, when you arrive, she will be ready with many angel messages she received prior to your appointment. For an additional $50.00 Peoples offers a typed transcript of the channeled sessions.











Herbal Consultation Package $290.00

1 1/2 reading and 10 days supply of personalized organic healing tea.

An herbal consultation involves a 5 page questionnaire which touches on principles of Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic Medicine and traditional shamanic use of North American herbs as well as mind-body-soul connections. After Peoples reviews your questionnaire, she will write you a mind-body protocol, 5-10 pages of recommendations for diet, supplements, and exercises including bodywork, breathe, sound and art healing tools. Your 45 minute consultation will convey the information and answer your questions. The package includes a month supply of herbs . $139.00



Metaphysical Reading Package  $249.00

1 Herbal Consultation, Typed Recommendations, Healing and Psychic Reading

The Metaphysical Reading Package includes remote energy chakra clearing, pages of typed channeled material from your spirit guides, phone or in person reading, 5 page questionnaire and an herbal consultation with 8 pages of typed specially-tailored mind-body-soul recommendations. 1 hour reading, 1/2 hour herbal consultation.

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