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Mind-Body-Soul Healing

by Pandora Peoples


Our feelings are hardwired into our brains' chemical processes. Hormones and other chemical messengers circulate throughout the entire 12 systems of the body. The emotions we experience in relationships, jobs, personal loss, and personal trauma, each has an effect on our nerves, immune systems, gastrointestinal systems and our circulatory systems.

From our bones to the efferent and afferent nerves in our spines, our mental and emotional states affect fluctuations and activity in our immune health. Weakened immune systems are not just responsible for little stuff like colds and influenza, they are also responsible for keeping us from disease. The immune system is what brings us back from acute illness, and what restores health to the body. Therefore, to effectively cure illness and stave off a recurrence of illness, one must look at the underlying emotional imbalances, by addressing our mental and spiritual lives.

Techniques which strengthen your vital energy, calm the mind, and release tension from the body, increase circulation, empty the bowels and intestines of toxins, improve kidney and liver function, and improve the metabolism, are all part of the healing process necessary to restore health to the body.

Systems can be treated individually, but do not promote a full over all recovery. Every untreated cold or flu, can leave the body with less vitality and impaired function, making one more susceptible to illness later on. Everything is interconnected in the body. Treating messages from your gut, your heart and that little voice in the back of your head that gives intuitive guidance, is necessary for a healthy person.

Not to get all Witch Doctor on...you...but truly blocked energy flow is partially responsible for all illness and pain, therefore addressing areas of your energetic being that are troubled, is the best approach to beginning a process of physical healing. In other words, if you are depressed, taking a pill won't solve the underlying issue, it will only cover up the symptoms, leading to denial, until another part of your body connected to the underlying imbalance protests and becomes stressed or diseased, forcing you to look at what you have ignored for years, perhaps decades.

In the same way, if sexual desire or creative fulfillment are too long ignored, the body begins to shut down. In our culture we generally call that shutting down aging, but it's not aging that shuts a body down, it's the things we do to ourselves in throughout our lives that catch up with us, or the breakdown that happens when people stop exercising, eating well, or maintaining their spiritual connectivity or sexual activity.

Blood flow follows energy flow, which is what acupuncture treatments so aptly prove. Blood carries immune response (cells) and regenerates us on a cellular level. This is why when people turn to yoga or acupuncture in last ditch attempts to reverse illness, so many find they can achieve the success they were searching for often without the use of 'advanced medical invention'.



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