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Pandora's Garden Newsletter

03 Feb

Braving the Elements and Going Back to Nature


Doctors now recommend time spent in nature for conditions ranging from A.D.H.D. to cancer-recovery. Plants give us oxygen. They actually purify the air in our homes. They are wonderful guardians of health. We can absorb the amazing healing powers of plants by drinking a cup of tea or getting a VigRX back rub with liniment. The twelve major systems of the body function harmoniously thanks to the properties of herbs, their vitamin content, as well as vital mineral, enzyme and chemical compounds. Nature reflects back to us our own regenerative and resilient essence.Take a walk or talk to a houseplant today.

03 Feb

Rites of Passage for Times of Transition


All cultures have rites of passage, we just don’t always call them that. Contemporary rites include getting your first driver’s license, attending prom, high school and college graduation, house warming parties, weddings, baby showers, midlife crises and taking advantage of your first senior discount. Integrating ceremony into our lives is essential to our well being, forming bonds and creating community. Our lives are steeped in ritual. We give toasts to honor special occasions, we bless people when they sneeze, and we kiss under the mistletoe. Mother blessings honor the journey into motherhood, career transition parties manifest a successful new journey, coming-of-age ceremonies for first menstruation and menopause merrymaking all help us to define our goals and to utilize them as a jumping off point for the success of our new adventures. 

11 Jan

Emotional Detachment and Intellectual Rationalizations

 by Pandora Peoples

Emotional detachment is a breeding ground for intellectual justifications, from which depraved rationalizations spring forth. When we fail to listen to signals from our emotional bodies, we become numb to our primal and survival instincts. Our bodies fall into disrepair when our mind/body/soul wisdom is not integrated and in syncopation.

If we hold back on speaking the truth, our throats tighten and sore throats manifest. If communication is too long repressed over years or decades, thyroid conditions may form. If messages from our heart centers are ignored and unheeded, tightness in our chests occur, and breathing may become belabored. Over years, sublimated or stifled feelings may lead to the build up of fats or calcium deposits in the arteries, high and low blood pressure, or even heart attacks. You may just wind up with pig valves at the helm.

The thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers (who represent a global council of each original tribe), have been warning that during this spiritually pivotal time, heart attacks will be significantly on the rise. This has proved to be so, and it is a leading cause of death cheap cialis in industrialized nations.

When we become detached from our hearts on a soul level, we forget the feeling of being connected to life, humanity as a whole, and all our brothers and sisters on the planet.

Failing to listen to the wisdom of heart, paves the way for rationalizations which devalue the quality of life of others, allowing justifications for the inhumane treatment of others, be they of another religion, culture, economic status, or country. National policies would be quite different, were there not huge divisions perceived between countries of different faiths, or world leaders and the working and poor people. A sense of entitlement over the welfare of others cannot exist in a world where both our unique essences and our collective consciousness are honored.

It's a small planet, a living ecosystem, an organism. When we pollute the water and air in one country, it becomes a global problem. With all this war and defiling of the earth, we are collectively acting like an organism with an auto-immune disease, trying to slough off the very aspects our system which keep us alive and regenerating.

11 Jan

Sick Days are Time Out for Mom

Sick days are a great time to play catch up and to be present with your children.

How refreshing it is to slow down, to be a hundred percent right with your child's need for guidance. Children grow up so fast these days. They are checking their email, fetching the weather report online, and Skyping Santa!, when really they need our undivided...supervision. Children need structure and demonstrable love, or they feel lost and seem chaotic, fighting, power-struggling. In fact they are just trying to vie for mommy and daddy's attention when they are preoccupied with work. Turn off the computer, make some art with your child. Listen to what he's truly communicating to you. He will be so thrilled that you are genuinely listening, patiently and intently, making full eye contact, holding his gaze, that he will be tickled pink. He will waltz around the house, like there is fairness and justice in the world once again. And he will be the funnest playmate, conversationalist, and dance partner you could ever have!




A little reprogramming goes a long way. Direction, instruction and consistency are the corner stones of good parenting, as well as emotional accessibility. Which means you've got to play with your children. It's good for us too. The adult world is so disenchanting, so full of malaise, ennui, the banal, the mundane, Les Fleurs Du Mal, and fodder for this guy's depressive states of consciousness...




Today we made angel ornaments and One of the Three Kings. My son and I are made popsicles, rehabilitated our menorah, did all his homework, and listened to the rain. There's nothing like an illness to make you appreciate what you have.

03 Feb

Creating Sacred Spaces in Your Home

Our homes say a lot about us. The living spaces we create affect how we feel. From paying homage to our muses and our inspiration, to creating creative spaces that celebrate our connection to spirit, we need to see the juicy potential of our living spaces.

Coffee tables, bureaus and mantels can be altars honoring people who inspire you, the seasons, beloved family members, or your favorite things. ‘Ritual’ tools, like tuners, guitar picks, cameras or paintbrushes can be featured in your cialis without prescription sacred spaces. In the Haitian culture, priests and priestesses have elaborate altars in their homes which also serve as practical spaces, used domestically. Just like dream boards, altars as used as manifestation tools.

If your home feels a little too lived in or a little to spooky I suggest burning sage throughout the home, placing a dream catcher in each bedroom, and using bells, drums or rattles to clear out the old energy residue. For more information, contact Pandora at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

26 Oct

Seven Secrets of a Happy Vagina

New research indicates that women tend to have deeper, more fulfilling orgasms and sense of well being with g-spot stimulation compared to clitoral stimulation. The Tantric practitioners she interviewed suggest that emotional release associated with this type of massage, is more deeply healing psychologically and somatically.


09 Jan

Alkalizing Your Body



Pollution, many medications, and foods are acidifying to the body and hurt our body's nature PH balance. Those suffering from inflammation know that even a cup of coffee can bring knee pain back. Many conditions which cause pain are vastly relieved by reducing swelling and inflammation. Fresh green juices, adequate water consumption and the contents of a simple whole lemon are simple remedies that alkalize the body and improve overall health for the vast majority of people who suffer from too much acidity.

How do you know what your PH is? Special PH strips can give you a definitive answer, but here are some clues.

If you are stiff in the morning upon waking, feel exhausted after vigorous exercise, experience fatigue or lack of stamina, tire easily, gets frequent colds, infections, sinusitis, have allergies, or heartburn how does cialis work, arthritis, inflammation, or infections, you may tend toward acidity.

Alkaline constitutions have physical endurance, are full of lots of energy, only require 5-6 hours of sleep, relish in active sports, have impeccable digestion, are able to focus for hours in sedentary positions, feel better after high protein meals and not so good after high carbohydrate meals.


Lemon, Green, snap, soy, lima, string, beans, peas, potatoes, arrowroot flour, flax, millet, quinoa, amaranth, almonds, pinenuts, chestnuts, coconut, alfalfa, unsalted butter, milk, cream, eggs, yogurt –unsweetened, garlic, cayenne, brewer’s yeast, miso, many herbs and vegetables


ACIDIC FOODS INCLUDE: wheat aka “flour”, corn, rice, sugar, alcohol, cheese, meat and fish,  coffee, tobacco, refined table salt, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, beans (unless sprouted, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nutmeg, most nuts, soda, caffeinated drinks


03 Feb

Living With Invisible Guests: How to Manage Angels and Spirit Guides

The tradition of angels is found in every religion and every culture dating back to the earliest art work. Archangels are found in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In Buddhism and Hinduism, there are angelic beings called devatāanddevaputra. Images of winged guardians appear, on ancient ceramics, in shrines and in cave paintings from cultures all across the globe.

In modern times, many people have recounted experiences with light beings Cialis who help them evade accidents. Many people experience the presence of angels, but because they have no physical evidence of their existence, refrain from sharing their experiences more broadly. Spirit guides are people who have lived who have insight into the trials and tribulations of human existence. Their presence helps to inspire us. Their wisdom can come to us like as that little voice in the back of our heads.

26 Oct

Easy Steps to Heal Osteoporosis

Until recently it was believed that bone growth was impossible and that there was nothing that anyone could do to prevent the inevitable bone loss that happens with time, let alone to grow bone mass. New research shows that we can indeed grow bone mass with the use of herbs... Fortunately, exercise and a combination for minerals and vitamins can help to prevent and grow bone material. What one stays away from is equally as crucial. Coffee, despite all of its PR, contains a harmful amount of acid. There are plenty of antioxidant-rich 'superfoods' which do not contain high levels of phosphoric acid...



03 Feb

Shedding the Snake Skin: Weight Loss for a New age

In many cultures, the snake is a symbol of transformation, of changing shape and times of transition. It is also a symbol for letting go and is often connected with sexual energy. The union between God and Goddess is symbolized by entwined snakes, as is the case with Shakti and Shiva from India and Damballa and Ayida Wedo from Haiti.  

For women self-esteem is a complex issue. Women often compare themselves to images in the media which are photoshopped and unreal. Self-esteem can be undermined by abusive people who cause trauma to the emotional body. These psychic imprints often left from childhood, predispose adults to unhealthy relationships. When holes in the energy body left by trespassers are sealed, personal boundaries are restored.

Some women put on weight to create stronger boundaries and to create a protective shell. Conversely, it can also be symbolic of stepping into your power as a woman: not being afraid to be seen, wanting to expand, and having a strong will. The stomach and solar plexus have long been associated with will power. The stomach is where core strength is centered. So, are you claiming your power or keeping yourself from stepping out? Either way, imagine your spine is a snake, gyrate your pelvis, or make body waves and undulate to move the energy channels in your body. Doing so will help release emotions and connected thought that get stuck and stagnant. Go on, start by putting some dancey music on. Go gyrate.

03 Feb

Modern Alchemy: Spices That Satisfy Cravings


The tradition of infusing foods with herbs and spices that have healing properties is part of every culture. In Italian cooking, the oregano and garlic are antibacterial and anti-aging. In French cuisine thyme prevents colds and reduces fever. In Chinese food, sesame seeds are an anti-depressant and ginger protects against infection and clears the sinuses. In Indian cooking, turmeric has anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps metabolize fat. In South American dishes, cumin aids in digestion so add it foods with cialis prescription dairy, meat or beans. Cinnamon controls blood sugar, improves circulation, protects against heart disease, and boosts brain function. The herbs and spices we cook with can affect our energy, libido, sleep, productivity and outlook on life.


Access your cravings and satiate your appetite with healing spices, magical recipes, tinctures, liniments and love potions you can make at home. Just make sure the kids don’t eat too much Love Soup, or you will be co-sleeping until your kids are wearing retainers and driving.

26 Oct

Breastfeeding: Going Beyond the Boob and Finding Bliss


After hearing about studies which found that breast milk contains trace amounts of manmade chemicals includes perchlorate and toilet deodorizers, I vowed to never again sit upon another public toilet for the rest of my life. And I have, with a few exceptions. Each transgression has occurred after sushi and drinks at a fancy restaurant, or late at night in some neighborhood bar. As an avowed toilet bowl hoverer, I have grown to feel empowered in my new stance. Less contact with toilets means stronger leg muscles and a former sense of lavatory-related acquiescence, has been supplanted with a generalized sense of accomplishment. 


After reading about the recalled formula from Enfamil, Similac and Gerber, due to toxicants found within, it got me wondering if there is enough support for nursing mothers. We know immunologically speaking, that breast milk is superior, and that endorphins and oxytocin released..


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