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Sick Days are Time Out for Mom

Sick days are a great time to play catch up and to be present with your children.

How refreshing it is to slow down, to be a hundred percent right with your child's need for guidance. Children grow up so fast these days. They are checking their email, fetching the weather report online, and Skyping Santa!, when really they need our undivided...supervision. Children need structure and demonstrable love, or they feel lost and seem chaotic, fighting, power-struggling. In fact they are just trying to vie for mommy and daddy's attention when they are preoccupied with work. Turn off the computer, make some art with your child. Listen to what he's truly communicating to you. He will be so thrilled that you are genuinely listening, patiently and intently, making full eye contact, holding his gaze, that he will be tickled pink. He will waltz around the house, like there is fairness and justice in the world once again. And he will be the funnest playmate, conversationalist, and dance partner you could ever have!




A little reprogramming goes a long way. Direction, instruction and consistency are the corner stones of good parenting, as well as emotional accessibility. Which means you've got to play with your children. It's good for us too. The adult world is so disenchanting, so full of malaise, ennui, the banal, the mundane, Les Fleurs Du Mal, and fodder for this guy's depressive states of consciousness...




Today we made angel ornaments and One of the Three Kings. My son and I are made popsicles, rehabilitated our menorah, did all his homework, and listened to the rain. There's nothing like an illness to make you appreciate what you have.

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