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 by Pandora Peoples

Emotional detachment is a breeding ground for intellectual justifications, from which depraved rationalizations spring forth. When we fail to listen to signals from our emotional bodies, we become numb to our primal and survival instincts. Our bodies fall into disrepair when our mind/body/soul wisdom is not integrated and in syncopation.

If we hold back on speaking the truth, our throats tighten and sore throats manifest. If communication is too long repressed over years or decades, thyroid conditions may form. If messages from our heart centers are ignored and unheeded, tightness in our chests occur, and breathing may become belabored. Over years, sublimated or stifled feelings may lead to the build up of fats or calcium deposits in the arteries, high and low blood pressure, or even heart attacks. You may just wind up with pig valves at the helm.

The thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers (who represent a global council of each original tribe), have been warning that during this spiritually pivotal time, heart attacks will be significantly on the rise. This has proved to be so, and it is a leading cause of death cheap cialis in industrialized nations.

When we become detached from our hearts on a soul level, we forget the feeling of being connected to life, humanity as a whole, and all our brothers and sisters on the planet.

Failing to listen to the wisdom of heart, paves the way for rationalizations which devalue the quality of life of others, allowing justifications for the inhumane treatment of others, be they of another religion, culture, economic status, or country. National policies would be quite different, were there not huge divisions perceived between countries of different faiths, or world leaders and the working and poor people. A sense of entitlement over the welfare of others cannot exist in a world where both our unique essences and our collective consciousness are honored.

It's a small planet, a living ecosystem, an organism. When we pollute the water and air in one country, it becomes a global problem. With all this war and defiling of the earth, we are collectively acting like an organism with an auto-immune disease, trying to slough off the very aspects our system which keep us alive and regenerating.

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