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The tradition of infusing foods with herbs and spices that have healing properties is part of every culture. In Italian cooking, the oregano and garlic are antibacterial and anti-aging. In French cuisine thyme prevents colds and reduces fever. In Chinese food, sesame seeds are an anti-depressant and ginger protects against infection and clears the sinuses. In Indian cooking, turmeric has anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps metabolize fat. In South American dishes, cumin aids in digestion so add it foods with cialis prescription dairy, meat or beans. Cinnamon controls blood sugar, improves circulation, protects against heart disease, and boosts brain function. The herbs and spices we cook with can affect our energy, libido, sleep, productivity and outlook on life.


Access your cravings and satiate your appetite with healing spices, magical recipes, tinctures, liniments and love potions you can make at home. Just make sure the kids don’t eat too much Love Soup, or you will be co-sleeping until your kids are wearing retainers and driving.

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