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Creating Sacred Spaces in Your Home

Our homes say a lot about us. The living spaces we create affect how we feel. From paying homage to our muses and our inspiration, to creating creative spaces that celebrate our connection to spirit, we need to see the juicy potential of our living spaces.

Coffee tables, bureaus and mantels can be altars honoring people who inspire you, the seasons, beloved family members, or your favorite things. ‘Ritual’ tools, like tuners, guitar picks, cameras or paintbrushes can be featured in your cialis without prescription sacred spaces. In the Haitian culture, priests and priestesses have elaborate altars in their homes which also serve as practical spaces, used domestically. Just like dream boards, altars as used as manifestation tools.

If your home feels a little too lived in or a little to spooky I suggest burning sage throughout the home, placing a dream catcher in each bedroom, and using bells, drums or rattles to clear out the old energy residue. For more information, contact Pandora at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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