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In many cultures, the snake is a symbol of transformation, of changing shape and times of transition. It is also a symbol for letting go and is often connected with sexual energy. The union between God and Goddess is symbolized by entwined snakes, as is the case with Shakti and Shiva from India and Damballa and Ayida Wedo from Haiti.  

For women self-esteem is a complex issue. Women often compare themselves to images in the media which are photoshopped and unreal. Self-esteem can be undermined by abusive people who cause trauma to the emotional body. These psychic imprints often left from childhood, predispose adults to unhealthy relationships. When holes in the energy body left by trespassers are sealed, personal boundaries are restored.

Some women put on weight to create stronger boundaries and to create a protective shell. Conversely, it can also be symbolic of stepping into your power as a woman: not being afraid to be seen, wanting to expand, and having a strong will. The stomach and solar plexus have long been associated with will power. The stomach is where core strength is centered. So, are you claiming your power or keeping yourself from stepping out? Either way, imagine your spine is a snake, gyrate your pelvis, or make body waves and undulate to move the energy channels in your body. Doing so will help release emotions and connected thought that get stuck and stagnant. Go on, start by putting some dancey music on. Go gyrate.

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