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Spiritual Pregnancy:   Develop, Nurture and Embrace the Journey to Motherhood           

(Llewellyn 2013) Contributing writer. Authors Dr. Kathryn Landherr and Dr. Shawn Tassone



WOMR Outermost Radio's 2013 Newcommer Award

WOMR Outermost Radio's 2014 Executive Director's Award of Excellence


Pandora's Radio Show

Pandora Peoples is the producer, writer and host of "Healing Wisdom" Thursdays at 9am EDT on 92.1 WOMR-FM Provincetown, 91.3 WFMR-FM Orleans. Podcasts and live streaming broadcasts can be found at http://womr.org


Guests on “Healing Wisdom”

Onyay Pheori 4/4/13 violinist of William Close and the Earth Harp Collective

Larisa Stow 4/11/13 transformational life coach Larisa Stow, singer of Skati Tribe

Mystic Pete 4/18/13 Los Angeles' KXLU deejay and author of the Sex and Mysticism Chronicles

Joseph Kwon 4/25/13 Grammy nominee, cellist of the Avett Brothers

Dr. Lisa Arnold 5/2/13 Cape Cod naturopathic physician

Orpheo McCord 5/9/13 Grammy winner, drummer/percussionist of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

John Dumas  5/16/13  international sound healer

Dr. Helen Caldicott 6/6/13 award-winning physician, author, and speaker

Taylor Negron 6/13/13 film actor and playwright

Susun Weed PART I   6/20/13  acclaimed herbalist, author and educator

Susun Weed PART II   6/27/13 acclaimed herbalist, author and educator

James Twyman 7/4/13 filmmaker and NY Times best-selling author

Peter McGowan 7/11/13  musician, lead singer of Finn MacCool

Vicki Noble 7/18/13  professor and author of Shakti Women

Mari Oxenberg 7/25/13  Certified Nurse Midwife, owner of Birthwell LA midwifery center and prenatal yoga expert

Lisa Levant 8/1/13 photographer of “Goddess on Earth”, Huffington Post writer

Karen Vogel   feminist scholar, artist and Motherpeace tarot co-creator

Ronna Prince 8/8/13 filmmaker of Sacred Journey of the Heart, Radical Forgiveness Coach

Dr. Alan Tilottson 8/15/13 author of “The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook”, medical herbalist, acupuncturist

Beverly Little Thunder 8/22/13  Lakota Grandmother, creator of the all-women Sundance for lesbians and women

Jackie Lappin  8/29/12 Amazon Best Selling author on manifestation, former corporate marketing consultant

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly PHD Part I  9/05/13   author, marriage and family therapist,

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly PHD Part II  9/12/13

Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor 9/19/13 director of Black Studies and professor of English at UMass Darmouth

Tracey Crowell 9/26/13 owner of Masjah Center,  pilates, dance, and yoga instructor

Lesley Tierra, LAc 10/03/13 Part I   author, herbalist, co-founder of Planetary School of Herbal Medicine

Lesley Tierra, LAc 10/10/13 Part II

Jeannette De Beauvoir 10/17/13  author of mysteries, historical fiction, and romantic fiction, poet, playwright

Ariadne 10/31/13 musician of Urban Myth, songstress, eclectic pagan and healer

Byron Ballard 11/07/12 author, village witch, wiccan priestess

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cape Cod 11/14/13

Sue Elliot 11/21/13 editor of Law of Attraction Magazine

Dr. Roger Walsh, PHD 12/05/13 author and professor of psychiatry, philosophy, religious studies and anthropology

Terre Seeley 12/19/13    illustrator, singer and musician of the Solstice Singers

Naomi Wolf 12/26/13   international bestselling author, social critic, and political activist

Dame Darcy 1/2/14   graphic novelist, illustrator, doll and clothing designer

Max Dashu   1/9/14     founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives

Monique Ruffin  1/30/14    author and mommy blogger

Eliot Cowan  1/6/14      Huichol Indian shaman, author, master of acupuncture, founder of Blue Deer Center

Momo Loudiyi   2/13/14    world performing artist, producer, singer/songwriter

Sandra Ingerman   2/20/14      author and expert on shamanism, teacher Sandra Ingerman, MA

George Perez   2/27/14         screenwriter, producer, anti-sex trafficking advocate 

Lamont B. Steptoe  3/6/14      author, poet, activist, publisher of Whirlwind Press

Katrina Valenzuela  3/13/14     Professor of Arabic Studies, Egyptian Sacred Site Tour Guide, Egyptian dance instructor

Kristin Knowles  3/20/14         poet, potter, member of Women's International League of Peace and Freedom

Andrew Leeson 3/27/14         Victorian literature teacher

Deborah Ullman and Diana Morton 4/3/14    gestalt and relational therapist, & high school teacher, media literacy advocate, and Get empathy Now project manager

Tara Murphy 4/10/14             dancer and teacher, Director of Cape Cod African Dance and Drum

Amma Sophia Rose   4/17/14  Sonic Alchemist


Cindy Sauers      4/24/14   owner of Saturday Farm and artist 

Psalm Isadora    5/1/14     Tantric Yogini and Speaker  

Rosemary Gladstar   5/9/14      grandmother of herbalism,

Lynn Roberts    5/15/14      teacher of shamanism


David Silver     5/22/14      Qi Gong instructor


Susan Liberty Hall   5/28/14    cancer survivor


Tom North     6/5/14       author


Brigitte Mars  6/12/14       author, professor, and raw food chef


Sharon Isbin    6/19/14      4 time Grammy Award winning guitar virtuoso


Serge Kahili King      6/26/14        Hawaiian shaman


Lee McCormick     7/3/14          author and addiction recovery expert


Stevie Starlight     7/10/14        Guitarist


Kate Clinton        7/24/14       political comedian, feminist, and speaker on gay issues


Carol Kaye         7/31/14          bassist on 10,000 recordings for TV, film and albums in the rock n’ roll, Motown, beepop, jazz, and surf genres


David Ryan      8/07/14          author "Animals in Motion"


Dr. Susan Allison   8/14/14     transpersonal psychologist, poet


Dr. Dawson Church   8/21/14   author


David Ryan Part II   8/28/14  writer, professor


Heather S. White  9/11/14   award-winning labor advocate and documentary filmmaker  "Who Pays the Price: The Human Cost of Electronics"


Mahara Ashlie   9/18/14  owner of Welstar Organics, formulator, aromatherapist, nurse


Hilla Medalia     9/25/14 award-winning documentary filmmaker of "Dancing in Jaffa" and "After the Storm"


Dr. Carl Johan Calleman  10/02/14     esteemed toxicologist and Mayan expert


Tracey Crowell     10/09/14     new age fitness Center owner talks spiritual parenting

Anya Messina    10/30/14 advanced herbalist, creator of Anya's herbals 


Bill Wallauer  11/06   the Jane Goodall Institutes' chimp videographer, researcher and scientist spent 22 years in the Gombe National Park in Tanzania


Tara Murphy 11/13/14 Director and Leader of Cape Cod African Dance and Drum


Peter Woodbury   Nov 21st 2014    "The Work of Edgar Cayce with Peter Woodbury" http://womr.org/podcast/psychotherapist-and-hypnotherapist-peter-woodbury/


Linda Coombs  Nov 27th 2014   "The Real Story of Thanksgiving"   http://womr.org/podcast/wampanoag-linda-coombs/


Dr. Robert Siegel     Dec 11th 2014    "America's Pediatric Health"    http://womr.org/podcast/dr-robert-siegel-discusses-pediatric-health/

Onyay Pheori   December 18th 2014   "TV and Film Music Composer Onyay Pheori" "http://womr.org/podcast/actor-and-musician-onyay-pheori/


Rachel Handshaw   January 1st 2015  "London Stage Actress Talks Mythology and Shakespeare"   http://womr.org/podcast/london-stage-actress-talks-mythology-and-shakespeare/


Dr. Seeta Narsai     January 8th 2015  "Ayurvedic Motherhood" http://womr.org/podcast/ayurvedic-motherhood-with-dr-seeta-narsai/




Roswitha   Agust 14th 2015  "Austrian Electric Virtuoso Violinist Roswitha" http://womr.org/podcast/electric-violinist-singersongwriter-roswitha/

Evie Hantzopoulos       August 20th 2015     "Global Kids"                         http://womr.org/podcast/evie-hantzopoulos/


Phoebe Legere   August  27th 2015  "Wisdom from a Musical Genius"  http://womr.org/podcast/performer-phoebe-legere-3/

Jef Flavin-Hall      September 15th  2015    "What do Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare Have in Common"    http://womr.org/podcast/jef-hall-flavin-of-the-provincetown-tennessee-williams-theater-festival/


Katherine Arnup        September 17th 2015       "Hospice and Elderly Care"    http://womr.org/podcast/hospice-issues-with-katherine-arnup/


Dr. Barry Hellman    September 24th 2015  "Poetry Technique & Inspiration"  http://womr.org/podcast/poet-barry-hellman/


Ariella Forsetin    October 1st 2015    "Why We Need Vocal Empowerment" http://womr.org/podcast/ariella/


Miranda Rondeau    October 8th 2015  "The Tradition of Women Drummers" http://womr.org/podcast/singer-miranda-rondeau/


Patricia Algara      October 29th 2015  "Why We Need Bees"   http://womr.org/podcast/beekeeper-and-landscape-architect-patricia-algara/


Paige Eastman Dickinson    November 4th 2015  "Is Homebirth Safe?" http://womr.org/podcast/paige-dickinson/


Dr. John Spencer    November  2015   "Do We Create Our Own Reality?" http://womr.org/podcast/dr-john-spencer-on-science-and-anti-realism/

















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TV Shows

Cape Codified – with host Pandora Peoples

Episode 1 – “Polka Dan’s Beetbox Band”  with Polka Dan’s Beetbox Band

Episode 2 – “Poet Muses” with authors Lamont Steptoe, Alice Kociemba, Susan Berlin

Episode 3 – “The Presents of Angels” w/ author Joe Gouveia, playwright Gregory Hischak and painter Edith Vonnegut  


Articles by Pandora

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Dinghy: The Little Magazine   “Artists in Their Studios: Holiday Gifts with a Story”


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“Angels” alight at the Guyer Barn




Written by Lee Roscoe   





 “The Presents of Angels,” the new show at the Hyannis Harbor Arts Center at the Guyer Barn, offered heavenly visions at an opening reception last week.


There was Sarah Holl, artist in residence at her nearby ArtSpace and tonight dressed in seraphic gold-spangled skirt and white fur halo-hat.


“Presents” is also the brainchild of Pandora Peoples, who missed her own opening due to illness. Raven, People’s husband, was videoing Payday Loans. The couple came here from L.A. two years ago: “My wife loves this community, and the island feel of the Cape. She wants to help shine a light on the creativity of the women, help them to network.”


One of the organizers, Diane Kyle, wavy haired and be-winged, with a whimsical prettiness, said the event kicks off the new state designation for Hyannis as a cultural district, and the renaissance of the Barn as a vibrant energizer of community for and of the arts, to view them and sell them – and just to create good vibes, which were there for certain.


The elegant young sculptress, Chrissy Laury, said, “This is a good way to bring the community together with new artists looking for people of like mind. I feel so welcome here.”


In the main gallery, under the high loft and the traditional aesthetic of old wooden beams, are some of the Holl family collections on the theme of celebrating women’s angelic sensuality, such as two plaster nudes by Arnold Geissbuhler, touchable torso-vases in light stoneware ceramic by Tina Holl, and a collage with resin-on-panel of  “angel blossoms,” by sister Sarah. There are seductive pastel-colored oils of women by Shaun Nelson Dahlstrom, alongside nude angels juxtaposed with the quotidian by painter Edith Vonnegut. These are counter-pointed by photographs of females in ethnic costumes or as mythological figures such as Peoples’ Persephone in flowing romantic garb, with her hands on the earth in the midst of a woodland copse.


Some of the art has been copied into affordable cards for sale in the front room, along with other cards, such as black and white woodcuts by Cindy Sauers. Glitter here blown glass ornaments, blue and white candy canes, sapphire whelks, red sea stars; paper weights. There is origami jewelry resembling Japanese cloisonné, iridescent necklaces, African style jewelry of wood and painted beads, essential oils and pottery. Prices of gifts and paintings range from $5 dollars on up to $500 and beyond.


With gallery and boutique, Kyle said, the vision is to create complementary performance events every time there is a new exhibit. This night Troupe-Isis rocked the room with Middle Eastern modern belly dance; a chorus of flirtily hip-swirling women, shaped thin to pleasingly plump, shook and shimmied, chiming the soft coins attached to their black and gold, red and gold, striped  costumes. Laury said, “It makes me want to move.”  Then, in fact, the audience was invited in to dance.


The adjacent 50 Pearl Street studios of potters and painters as they work are on exhibit alongside the Barn. Perhaps the piece de resistance, most magical, was walking inside the home and studio of Sarah Holl herself; candle lit, with a front parlor like a movie set. Holl not only sculpts and paints in mixed media, but teaches also. One of her students is Carol Covill, whose Da-Vinci-ish line drawings made for the theme of the exhibit, are for sale as cards based on research into trumpeter swan’s wings, and how they would fit the human form.


Two more of Holl’s students, who also model for her, sat in a cozy sofa nook in Holl's studio. Shayna Holden went to Barnstable High and interned with Holl as part of the Art-Works project. Holl teases that her interns love her so much they come back and stick around after college. Holden says that’s true: “I finished Mass Art and I’m studying figure drawing and painting with Sarah.” Holden’s mother wondered if the belly dancing just witnessed might help Shayna deliver her soon to be born baby.


A rendering of a muse of a woman stood at Holl’s painting table unframed – near other renderings of Shayna as a dark-haired goddess of young womanhood; quintessentially what this evening was about.


Back up the walkway, inviting you in to the Barn past the bejeweled Christmas trees and wreaths and lanterns, there is cheese, crackers and dip, great looking people of all ages, speaking English, Portuguese, French, still surging into the crowded rooms. Many of the costumed women floated around with angel wings on their backs. African drums were beginning.


“The Presents of Angels” is at Hyannis Harbor Arts Center at Guyer Barn, 250 South St., Hyannis, through Jan. 5. Thurs-Sat, noon-4, then some evenings; Dec. 8 6PM, Dec.15, 7PM, Jan 4, 7PM. For events such as poetry, monologues, music, and dance. Go to www.hyartsdistrict.com or contact: Sarah Holl at 508-364-7949 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Provincetown community radio airs 24-hour International Women's Day Marathon

Many countries celebrate International Women's Day as a national holiday. The U.S. is not one of them. But the folks at WOMR 92.1 and WFMR 93.3, Provincetown's community radio, have made it a priority over the past several years to raise awareness through creative programming. This year, the station is gearing up for a 24-hour, midnight-to-midnight celebration on Saturday, March 8.

By Deborah Minsky
Posted Mar. 7, 2014 @ 1:53 pm

Many countries celebrate International Women’s Day as a national holiday. The U.S. is not one of them. But the folks at WOMR 92.1 and WFMR 93.3, Provincetown’s community radio, have made it a priority over the past several years to raise awareness through creative programming.


This year, the station is gearing up for a 24-hour, midnight-to-midnight celebration on Saturday, March 8.


“I’m very pleased that we can once again offer this programming to the Cape Cod community as well as to our online listeners around the world,” says John Braden, executive director of the radio station. “It’s important for us all to celebrate how far we as a society have come — and remember how far we still have to go.”


Considerable effort has gone into bringing this program together. Longtime community radio fans and newcomers alike should delight in the range of offerings, from jazz, folk songs and Irish music to ’60s rock and classical opera. In addition to this station-described “multi-genre jukebox of women vocalists, instrumentalists, and actors,” the 24-hour festival will include spoken word programming and exclusive interviews.


To warm things up or, perhaps more accurately, to brighten the dark hours from midnight to 3 a.m., Mardi Steinau is hosting “Women’s Music from the Last Century.” “I’m leading off the day,” Steinau says. “Paige Riley will be joining me, and we’ll be doing 20th-century strong women’s songs, especially women of color and lesbians. IWD is a much bigger deal in some other countries and we would love to influence folks here to take it more seriously. Women’s rights and feminism and genderism are still shockingly misunderstood and under-understood even to progressives. The station has done IWD whenever women have pushed the issue; I think it happened for quite a number of years.”


At the close of Steinau’s program, Catherine Graciano ushers in the dawn with three hours of women’s rock and comedy, followed by an original radio play and discussion by Jeannette de Beauvoir, April Baxter’s interview with country singer Cathy Hatch, Diana Fabbri’s interview of sculptor-historian Joyce Johnson, Canary Burton’s conversation with pianist Althea Waites and Dinah Mellin’s interview with musician Zoë Lewis. Midday features the Metropolitan Opera’s live broadcast of “The Enchanted Island,” starring American soprano Susan Graham and hosted by Howard Weiner.


De Beauvoir’s 15-minute play, “FlyGirls,” fits easily into her early morning radio hour. De Beauvoir says she wrote it “for the 2009 Universal Theatre festivals, and it then was selected for the Estrogenius Festival in New York City, which was a fantastic experience. I’ve always been interested in aviation. A couple of my historical novels deal with it — and it was fun to dream up a conversation between Harriet Quimby [the first American woman to hold a pilot’s license] and Amelia Earhart. So we’ll do the play in its entirety. But that’s not all. Also as part of the show I’ll be interviewing Mollie Scuba, one of Cape Air’s pilots, and we’ll be talking about women in aviation in general and her own experience in particular. And I’ll read something about Harriet Quimby. So the whole hour will really be about women in aviation. If women who fly don’t inspire change, then who does?


Evening programming begins with a special draw — Denya LeVine’s conversation with clarinetist Monika Woods, who recently was awarded first place by the Cape Cod Symphony’s young talent search. Hungarian born, Woods currently lives in Brewster, teaches music and performs often. Anticipate some live music in the course of her interview. LeVine will close her program with a previously taped conversation with Irish singer Noirin Lynch, who came to performance relatively late in life. She sings just for the fun of it and works in social services in a local Irish parish. LeVine first heard her in Ireland in 2012 during a three-hour a cappella marathon at a neighborhood pub. She says she was struck by the clarity and authentic beauty of her voice.


Next up, DJ Deb K spotlights female jazz vocalists from 7:30-9:00 p.m., followed by Pandora Peoples with her “Top 10 Women of History and Global Pop.”


For her radio spot, Peoples says, “I spoke with Max Dashu, Suppressed Histories Archives founder, for the Top 10 Little Known Interesting Women of History. Her Top 10 sheds light on the untold and forgotten stories of rebels, shamans, priestesses and queens from around the world. I’m also going to be playing global pop and music from women who weave various global music traditions into proverbial prayer flags to uplift the spirit, to help listeners reclaim their soul’s birthright to joy, interconnectedness and oneness with the cosmos.”


Bringing it all home is veteran DJ Char Priolo, who closes the night with women’s voices from the ’60s.


“WOMR has a long history of making International Women’s Day an outstanding day of special programming,” says LeVine. “Many countries make this a national holiday. We at WOMR take this opportunity to shine a light on our foremothers, young and elder women who are significant culturally or politically, and our own women DJ’s.”




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