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“Pandora’s reading was magical. Everything she talked about was so accurate and really made me feel more connected to my true self. There were so many things I felt confused about before I saw Pandora, and now I feel the weight of doubt and fear is starting to disappear. I would recommend anyone go to see Pandora whether it be for an herbal consultation or to get in touch with your spiritual self.” CT Dennisport, MA

"Wow. Wow Pandora. I'm floored by the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of those recommendations. I'm so grateful to have met you and had a chance to integrate your impressions and advice into my life today. I'll be in touch because I will be needing more tea in a few weeks. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I feel more hopeful today than ever that I can reclaim balance and health. You're amazing!" L.M., Yarmouth, MA
      •  “I want to express how thankful I am for your work. It’s impossible to capture in words and it’s very helpful to me. I feel stronger and the path seems surer.” B.G., Orleans, MA


        "Thanks! I am so happy. I feel like since the shamanic healing that things are finally coming into focus. All aspects are firing on all cylinders. Health, money, friends, music and romance all proceeding at a steady pace. We just found out that the big gig has been budgeted and we are getting our asked for per diem. Yea!" P.D. Harwich, MA


      • "Your readings saved my life Pandora...opened me to move obstacles to get out of my past, (out of the darkness of generations before me,) and gave me faith and hope. It gave me courage and peace to walk in the faith and the light, and to keep going, and if that had not happened, I do not know what would have done." DL, Fort Worth, TX


        "I first want to thank you for your reading. It helped me a lot. Many things make more sense to me now. You are incredible. Thank you very, very much. About the tea, yes that's great idea. For my husband too:)) My thyroid is usually hyper active. Thanks again and I will see you soon." V.S., Yarmouth


        "Thanks for an amazing session today. Still processing and channeling info feeling blissed and blessed!!" TC, Harwich, MA


        “Dear Pandora,  This is amazing! You've certainly covered everything we talked about and integrated so much knowledge into the difficulties I discussed with you. If only I could do all of these things, I'd be close to 100%! Thank you for all of this. I'm very impressed. Looks like I definitely have my work cut out for me. Lots of changes to be made and new ideas to follow. I look forward to talking with you again, and again…” JP, Truro, MA


        “By the end of the reading, I felt liberated, more so than I have ever felt before. All of the issues that had been plaguing me for months were resolved. It was enlightening. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to reconnect with myself on such a visceral level.” NS, Harwich, MA


        “Hi Pandora, thank you thank you thank you!! Right on the money!!! [The reading] was amazing! I was on a very very strong parasite cleanse. Probably why my stomach hurt. I am off if it starting today. My body gave the okay today to start your tea.  Brewing it now. You are an amazing healer! So glad I popped into the health food store at that moment :-).  You have no idea how much you helped me!" S.S., Chatham, MA


        "I'm feeling well since our session. It feels as though there is a weight that is gone. I have been sleeping much better this week. I've had some intense dreams, but they aren't bothering me like they use to. It's like they are just there to give me information and not there to scare me as well. It's hard to describe, but it's a great improvement from the dreams I use to have. I am also feeling more centered and focused. When my mind starts to go all over the place I'm able to bring it back to a more calm and relaxed state faster. Part of this is from recognizing what is happening and the other part is being able to calm myself more effectively with deep breathing and focusing my mind.” J.H., Yarmouth, MA


        "I had a wonderful reading with Pandora, she creates a calm, loving atmosphere with the tea and foot bath and was so sensitive in her interpretations." S.P., Wellfleet, MA


        "Hi Pandora! Wow, I cant thank you enough for the reading the other day! Not only did I have a unique and fun experience, I feel fantastic. My energy around [an ex] is completely different. I'm able to be around him and I have no desire for him other than a friend, amazing!...Again, I appreciate you so much!  I am loving my readings with you.” LB, Centerville, MA


         "Seriously, I want that experience for everyone! [a shamanic soul retrieval/clearing] The 'snakes' left today or their physical being did anyway...immediately after my morning tea! I am so blessed to have you in my life thank you!" HK, Yarmouth, MA


         “Hello Pandora, I have you so present in my mind and my soul all the time after our beautiful reading. Things keep coming to my mind that keep making sense. I took notes and I keep reviewing. I want to thank you for delving into my son's problem with such depth and sensitivity. It has really helped me internally in a way that I feel will impact our lives forever. You are a Goddess! I feel so lucky to have encountered you.” M.S. Los Angeles, CA


        "My reading with Pandora was an exciting, memorable and detailed experience. There was a wonderful exchange and the information I received is still so alive and so fresh in my mind. I have had a number of readings in my life, but reading with Pandora was the most warm, personal and informative." TA, Harwich, MA


        “It all resonates. The information that comes through is what I expect, yet there are some surprises. Since you began reading for me, I know that the angels are always guiding me, and talking to me, whether I choose to listen or not. I feel so at peace. You are the only psychic I go to. I always look forward to my next reading.” RL, Brooklyn, NY


        “So cool I ran across that very awesome reading that you did for me in 2003. You are so Great at that!! It was verrry helpful and insightful. I love going back over it from time to time.” TW, Los Angeles, MA


        “You are a gem, a blessing, a beauty from soul to stern, and come only from true love. Thank you for listening to my angels and reminding me of who I am, and what fuels me. Really I can’t say enough… ” JR, Culver City, CA


        “Pandora did a reading for me on Friday, January 28, 2011. It was like no reading that I've ever had...Pandora is authentic in her reading in that she asks you to send her your questions beforehand and then she consults with your spirit guides to get the answers that are of concern to you. She was very accurate in reading the people that are affecting my life without my having told her. Her answers to my questions about my future provided guidance in a way that no one has ever done before. She is very thorough and is truly talented. I think when it comes to getting a psychic reading, no one is better than Pandora.” CE, New York City, NY


        "Thank you so very much for your readings, channelings, and recommendations on all levels. I am excited to get started building in your new recommendations into my life, one step at a time, and seeing what amazing changes will transpire in myself, my marriage, and all other relationships. I have been feeling your channeling work in my life and sense your great support. Thank you again." AN, Santa Monica, CA


        “Thank you so so much for the reading and the herbs. It was the beginning of this journey to myself that I've needed to begin for so long. Really it was one of the first visible and tangible physical signs that indicated the journey had begun. I’ve been avoiding facing certain things, getting real and present, for sometime.....I have realized that I had been skimming over the top of absolutely everything, my friendships, my jobs, my creative writing and songs. I have not treated people as well as I would want to, because I have been practicing treating myself so badly. I have not been able to give much to others, because I haven't been treasuring the things I have to give. ” TA, Hollywood, CA


        "Thank you again for such an inspiring reading. I feel like it pulled the stopper in my dream-tub and all the action and creativity is flowing out into the world! Ideas are coming easier and with much more confidence...Movin' up up!" SM, Studio City, CA 


        "I will cherish this material and the reading forever. I will use the information to help guide me into the future.” CE, New York City, NY


        "Pandora - thanks once again for your brilliant, accurate work...I am the most cynical old Yorkshireman left alive, but you are The Real Deal!!” AL, Idyllwild, CA


        "This woman is real. Her readings are accurate, honest, and professional. This is not your average reading. It will tell you more about your life path, destiny, and current situations. Her work is so dead on. It's amazing what you will discover about your true nature." AB, Denver, CO


        "…There was a beautiful sense of calm that flowed over me when I heard about my guides and heard what they had to say about me and about my questions. I have a great peace knowing that I am so wonderfully supported and loved. I was desiring clarity on my present relationship and seeking some direction in regards to my work and next steps in my life and I received these answers and so much more...  " DB, Los Angeles, CA


        "I learned a lot about my deep self at this time and was given a sense of peace. After the reading, I began to see details from our reading everywhere! It gives me joy and faith." EM, Los Angeles, CA


        "My session with Pandora was life-changing. The experience broke down a lifetime of barriers. Suddenly, I had pure insight and understanding, a deep comfort with my own power, and the confidence to heal my emotional body. An organic transformation has occurred, freeing my spirit for adventure and good fortune.” AR, Marina Del Rey, CA


         "Hey Goddess Lady. So, I'm reading over this amazing reading you did for me back in July, I think it was. And I am AMAZED to say the least by the accuracy and unfolding mysteries of the reading..." RB, New York, NY


                                 WORKSHOPS and CLASSES:

        "I have to share something pretty cool with you...At class the other night, we were asked to think of an obstacle/block that we needed to get past, up and over the mountain...I chose the end-of-summer invoicing and paperwork and inventory that has been piling up around my work space and in my house. It has been overwhelming to me and I cannot seem to focus long enough to plug through any of it, so I keep avoiding it. Well, when I came home after class, I started & finished a couple of smaller things. And, since then, I have been kicking ass on all of it. I have had such incredible clarity. I know that once I've completed all of these tasks and have cleaned it all up, I will feel as giddy and joyful as I did dancing and moving and chanting during your class! THANK YOU THANK YOU so much!!!!" A, Harwich, MA


        "Love this woman!!! Thank you Shift for hosting an event with her last night." J, Hyannis, MA


        "Pandora's talk was fantastic, inspirational and inspiring!" S, Hyannis, MA


         "I was pretty riled up when we got home, if you know what I mean really got those reproductive organs going LOL." C, Yarmouth, MA




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